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Terms and Conditions


We accept payments from PayPal, checks, money orders, bank or wire transfers, and credit card payments. If checks or money orders are used, clearance through our bank must be verified prior to our shipping your purchase to you. Payment must be made within a 48 hour period from arranging the purchase. If payment has not arrived within the 48-hour period, the animal will be placed on our available page again. Payment plans may be considered on an individual basis. This would require a 20% non-refundable deposit placed on the animal to hold it for 60 days. Full payment must be made in any of the above defined methods within that 60-day period. If payment is NOT made, you forfeit your deposit. You may make payments or send a lump sum, but any and all payments must be received within the 60-day period.


Our preference is to ship through Delta DASH air cargo to your closest airport. Delta takes care to keep live animals sheltered and away from extreme heat or cold. Under special circumstances, door–to–door shipping though FedEx may be arranged. We do understand special problems such as when you have no airport close or you have no transportation to get to the airport. Feel free to call us to discuss your needs.

If FedEx shipping is chosen, someone must be home and available to receive and sign for the package on the first delivery. We DO NOT guarantee live arrival if no one is home and your package is left on an outside porch or if it is placed back on the truck for return due to no one being home and available to sign for it.

We provide proper packing with new shipping boxes lined with Styrofoam. We include heat packs when temperatures are cold or cold packs in hot weather. We will not ship reptiles to any area where temperatures at any stops along the route are either below 35 degrees F (1.6 degrees Celcius) or above 85 degrees F (47 degrees Celcius). We will check the weather prior to shipping and discuss the best time to ship your animal. We guarantee live arrival through Delta DASH shipping as long as the shipment is picked up within three hours of arrival at your airport. Any claims should be filed with the carrier.

If your shipment arrives DOA, you must notify us immediately and within twelve hours of receipt of the shipment. If we do not hear from you within twelve hours of the delivery (as noted by tracking number), we will assume the animal arrived alive and well.

We will strive to gain your total satisfaction in what you have purchased from us. We would like to hear from you after you receive your new animal(s) and verify that you are happy with your purchase. If we do not hear from you within 48 hours after receipt of the shipment, we will assume that you are completely satisfied with your purchase and our transaction is complete.

We guarantee our reptiles for 48 hours from the time you receive them if they are kept in appropriate conditions. If you are not happy, call us immediately (no later than 12 hours after receipt) to discuss return or exchange. If you wish to return the animal, it must be shipped back to us within 48 hours from receipt of the shipment. You will be responsible for return shipping.


We do not enhance the color of our images and the image you see is the actual animal for sale. We can not guarantee the final adult color of a hatchling animal. Images of our breeding stock will give an example of what an adult may look like. No one can guarantee the coloration of an adult animal when it is a baby. If you desire a certain color as an adult, we suggest you purchase an adult animal to match your needs. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

We strive to produce healthy, high quality, and well-started animals to offer you the best possible choices. We will always strive to gain your complete satisfaction. Our success depends upon your satisfaction with our quality animals. Our major emphasis is to do everything possible to achieve both.