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ALBINO ball pythons are one of the most popular morphs and certainly one of the most beautiful of all morphs. Ours are among the easiest to work with having a very pleasant demeanor and few problems. We hatched out several clutches of ALBINOS in the 2007 season.
SPIDER ball pythons have such an interesting look with beautiful green eyes. They seem to be more inquisitive than most other morphs. Our pair of SPIDER ball pythons is still in the growing stage. This male was big enough for breeding according to weight, but he did not agree! All he wants to do right now is eat. A Spider paired with a Pastel produces the Bumblebee and we will be working toward that goal in 2008.
Our SSNAKES line of Pastel has a high yellow which is retained into adulthood. This male was in his first breeding season this year and produced some very nice pastels as well as Super Pastels! We expect to have a good selection of PASTELS and SUPER PASTELS again in this 2008 season.
The YELLOW GHOST is one of our personal favorites. Beautiful colors with the look like he is in a shed all the time. This two-year old male is enjoying his first breeding season and performing like a pro. We were happy to see him take a needed break and a meal recently. We expect to have Yellow Ghosts and 100% heterozygous Ghosts available again for the 2008 season.
100% Heterozygous Pied Bald 100% heterozygous Pied Bald:
Our pair of heterozygous PIED BALL PYTHONS have finally reached breeding size this year. They are 2003 animals from The Snake Keeper and we were very excited seeing the clutch from this girl with four visual PIEDS and two possible hets.
We have some nice looking GRANITE pairs we will be working with in the future. Granites have a normal appearance with flecks in side patterns where other balls have alien head patterns. Our female is striking in appearance and we look forward to proving out her genetics.
The MOJAVE is another of our personal favorites. Their color is so vivid and rich. The Mojave is one of the key ingredients in producing a leucistic or white snake. This morph has tons of designer possibilities and the future will likely bring out many more examples using the Mojave.
This female BLACKBACK is one of the largest females we have. She has been a great breeder for us through many years. Her genetics are strong and we are hoping she produces a big clutch of healthy little ones.
Interesting Normal Females Interesting Normal Female:
Normal female with very high yellow. This girl consistently produces high-yellow babies that do not brown out. She was bred to a Ghost this year and produced beautiful ghosts.
More Interesting Normals More Interesting Normal
This girl is quite dark with a very interesting pattern. We will see what she throws!
Normal Female - Abnormal Pattern Normal Female - Abnormal Pattern
This girl is a large female with a very different pattern. She is a consistently good breeder who produces nice looking and hardy babies. Her pattern does not seem to be genetic, but we keep trying and hoping something interesting will come out of it.