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Michael and Susan Sentman Who would have thought that a whimsical job taken at a small Central Florida attraction would bring so much to my life? It wasn’t at all what I thought I was looking for when I planned a cross-county move. My mother in Florida needed some help and my single girl life in California was getting difficult to afford.

In April of 1989 I made a huge move from my home of more than 20 years in Northern California to central Florida. In an effort to get right to work, I took what I thought would be a very interesting job at Silver Springs Attraction in Ocala, Florida. Initially I worked as a boat driver on the Jungle Cruise. When an opening became available in the Reptile Department (THE Reptile Department where Ross Allen started it all and worked for so many years!), I jumped at the chance to work there. I was always an animal lover but had never had the opportunity to learn much about reptiles. Well that was all about to change!

The guys had a great time teaching the California girl how to kill rats and bunnies to feed snakes. I have to thank Michael Flournoy for taking great time and care to train me well to work with venomous snakes and crocodilians. It was his excellent training that has kept me safe from any major injuries or envenomations to this day.

What a great place Silver Springs was to work. I entertained and educated people from all around the world. I learned to handle, care for and breed all kinds of reptiles. We moved huge crocodiles and alligators when habitat changes were needed. I fell in love with reptiles and began my collection. My very first snake was a hatchling yellow rat snake found on the grounds of Silver Springs. That was just the beginning of the incessant urge to have every and any snake!

Silver Springs was also a place where I met many special people. I met Jack Hannah and his wife Susan when they visited one day. Jim Fowler from the Wild Kingdom came one day for the behind-the-scenes tour. Long-term friendships were begun with many at Silver Springs such as Bill and Marcia Brant of Gourmet Rodent. Probably the most special person I met there was my husband Michael. He was my supervisor for a short time at the Jungle Cruise. He has endured my constantly growing collection of reptiles for over 21 years! He has helped me capture large rattlesnakes on local snake calls. He has helped me move 20-foot pythons for cage cleanings. He has even learned to like and appreciate reptiles, although maybe not quite as much as I do!

When I left Silver Springs to take a job with the State of Florida as a Social Worker, I had a large collection of reptiles that became a hobby. It did not take long for the hobby to grow into a small business. I had earned my venomous permit at Silver Springs and I even owned my first rattlesnake. My concentration was on colubrid snakes with an emphasis on corn snakes and king snakes. I was breeding and caring for a major collection of corn snakes including many of the newest morphs. But somehow, Ball Pythons just kept coming to me. People would give them to me because they no longer wanted the snake. I would find them in resident’s backyards when responding to nuisance snake calls from the sheriff’s department. Oh, it’s only a Ball Python!

At first I thought that Ball Pythons were very boring. They were so shy and I thought they were definitely lacking in personality. Before long, I had a group of them large enough to do some breeding. Over time, I came to see the unique personalities these small pythons possess. They are not the easiest snakes to keep or to breed. They have many strange quirks peculiar to only Ball Pythons. Now that I have over 17 years of experience keeping and breeding these animals, I have to say I really like Ball Pythons! They have so much personality and each one is very different. I began purchasing heterozygous animals and visual morphs many years back to position myself for a plunge into the Ball Python market.

SSNAKES Reptiles was formally established about 20 years ago to produce high quality captive bred animals. I want to offer you the kind of animals that I personally would buy for myself. I have always thought that animals need a good start in life to provide a strong foundation of growth for their future. Our rodents are grown on premises and fed with a high quality laboratory diet. We work hard at what we do to ultimately provide healthy and well-started animals to you.

Michael and Susan Sentman We are very proud of our collection here at SSNAKES Reptiles. We are passionate about our work to maintain healthy animals and an immaculate facility. Our goal is to provide well established animals that are healthy and feeding. Just what I would want is what I will offer you. We will always be available to answer any questions or concerns on any animal you purchase from us. We hope to far exceed your expectations and have your total satisfaction.

Susan and Michael Sentman